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Tuesday, November 29, 2005



Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Repin' P-Town

Red Giant Productions
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Check out the teaser trailer for my friend's new short at Red Giant Productions. "No. My Other Possessed Zombie Girlfriend" is still in production, but due out this winter so be sure to check back for the complete film.

Fall on the Palouse

Fall on the Palouse
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I haven't posted for a couple weeks. While I was gone I made a trip home for my first non-Christmas visit in three years. It had been too long. I caught up with all my favorite things to do in Pullman. Spent time with family and all of the old Pullman riff raff, hiked Kamiak Butte, ate at the Red Door, had a drink at Rancho, and, of course, took in some Cougar football in Martin Stadium. I don't care if it is the smallest (and shittiest) stadium in the Pac-10, it's still a special place for me. I grew up going to games there with my dad and mom and it's one my favorite places in the world. And even if WSU doesn't come up with the cash to remodel it, at least we don't have to sit 40 yards off the field because of a track.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Civilian Hoisington

Julian Gulian?
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I road tripped to LA this past weekend, which by the way, took about an hour and a half less time each way than everyone claims. I guess the key is missing rush hour on both ends.

Bandwagon Joe and I revisited Manny's Pizza, home of the funniest fake ID story ever told. I can't really do the story justice but I'll try to get a reenactment from Rob for a later post.

We also managed to entertain ourselves for about an hour laughing about possible word combinations for phone numbers. The favorite of the night was Peter's: I-1-ta-a-pa*. That's got a ring to it no one will ever forget.

After last season the University of Southern California decided to stop selling alcohol at their home football games. USC fans are much nicer when not drunk. However, despite the Coliseum no longer smelling like beer, it still reeks of arrogance.

*I omitted the area code so Peter's obsessive groupies won't have access to his number.